Friday, September 4, 2015

Smart Weigh High Precision Digital Milligram Scale #Review #smartweigh

Smart Weigh High Precision Digital Milligram Scale is a compact scale and sturdy scale. It can weigh up to 50 grams. This sclae is perfect for weighing jewelry, vitamins, medication and more. It's about a 3" wide and almost 5-1/2" long scale. It has a sleek design with metal, black trimming and a clear lid. There are 4 control buttons- On/Off, Mode, Tare, and PCS. It has an LCD display that is large and easy to read. It uses 4 AAA batteries which are easily installed and it comes with tweezers, two 20g calibration weights,an owner's manual and a protective black case. This scale is very easy to use and is very accurate. Prior to use, it needs to be calibrated. Once calibrated, it's ready to use. Overall, this is a very nice, compact, sleek and sturdy scale. Very nice. I received this scale in return for my unbiased review. You can check out more about Smart Weight High Precision Digital Milligram Scale @

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