Wednesday, July 22, 2015

AC Garden Cannon400 Hose Nozzle #cannon400 #Review

I received AC Garden Cannon400 Hose Nozzle in return for my unbiased review. This is a very sturdy nozzle. It's made of a very high quality brass. It's easy to connect and comfortable to hold. It has O-ring seals to help prevent any leaking. This nozzle connects firmly and doesn't leak or slip off easily. It can handle from 15-80 PSI of pressure. The nozzle can be adjusted from a mist to a jet stream. Simply twist the nozzle to adjust the flow. It's easy to adjust using one or two hands. The mist is nice for watering the garden or foliage that I have outside. The jet stream is a strong and steady flow that's perfect for washing the vehicles, washing off siding or concrete. This is a very durable nozzle that works perfectly. You can find out more about AC Garden Cannon400 Hose Nozzle @

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