Thursday, July 30, 2015

ZenKid Car Kick Mats #Review #zenkidcarkickmat

I received ZenKid Car Kick Mats in return for my unbiased review. This is a set of heavy duty kick mats. They are extra large mats which cover the backseat and do a really good job at protecting the interior from kicks and dirt. These mats are easy to install. - It took my husband no time to place them in his SUV. They covered the entire back seat and fit snugly. They're made with a water-resistant fabric that makes clean up easy. Simply wipe them down and they clean up nicely. These are perfect for my little kickers. My daughter is a rambunctious, busy two year old. It's hard for her to sit still, especially on longer trips. The seats take the brunt of her restlessness. She will either kick the seat or prop her feet on the seat. If she keeps her shoes on, there's going to be footprints left. These kick mats really help to preserve and save the fabric. Instead of scrubbing the seats, we now just simply wipe down the mats. I love that there's a storage pocket in these mats. We can place small toys, coloring books and crayons, or even chips in the storage pocket so my daughter can grab what she wants. it makes for an easier trip. Overall, this is a very nice and handy set of kick mats. Highly recommend! You can find out more about ZenKid Car Kick Mats @

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