Friday, July 17, 2015

Goddess Rash Guards For Youth Girls Rash Guard #GoddessYouthRashGuards #Review

I received Goddess Rash Guards For Youth Girls Rash Guard in return for my unbiased review. This is a high quality swim shirt. The material is very light and soft. It fits my daughter snugly and comfortably. It's flexible enough for a busy child like her. She can run and play in this shirt without it becoming loose or just annoying. This shirt provided great protection from the sun. It's great alternative to sunscreen. Between lotions, sprays and my wiggly daughter, she made not have the full protection needed. I'm a pediatric nurse and have seen plenty of sunburns. This shirt covers those vulnerably spots like the back of the neck, shoulders, and arms. This shirt is light and cool. It has quick dry fabric technology and dries really quickly after swimming. With this shirt, my daughter is not walking around in a soaking wet shirt and doesn't have to change shirts because it dries out. Overall, this is a high quality, well made and great protective shirt for swimmers or just kids that love to play outside. I highly recommend it. You can find out more about Goddess Rash Guards For Youth Girls Rash Guard @

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