Thursday, July 30, 2015

RTGS Products 100 Cold White Color LED String Lights #Review #rtgsproducts

I received RTGS Products 100 Cold White Color LED String Lights in return for my unbiased review. This set of string lights are very nice. I have so many uses for these lights. They're great for lighting up the patio, great for parties, weddings and even Christmas. A very heavy duty and high quality string of lights, there are 100 very bright LED lights. Each light has a 4 inch distance between them on a string of 32 feet long. The clear cable between the string of lights and the transformer is 10ft. long which makes this string of lights over 42 ft. long. This makes this strings of lights perfect for indoor or outdoor decoration. The string is water resistant which is really nice. The wire is really flexible and sturdy. The transformer is included and it's so simple to plug up and use. These lights are very bright and clear. They look perfect almost anywhere. They have really added to my patio. This is a very high quality set of lights. I am highly impressed and I highly recommend them. You can find out more about RTGS Products 100 Cold White Color LED String Lights @

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