Monday, July 13, 2015

effenfine Facial Hair Scissors for Nose and Ear #effenfine #Review

I received effenfine Facial Hair Scissors for Nose and Ear in return for my unbiased review. effenfine Facial Hair Scissors for Nose and Ear is a very sturdy pair of hair trimming scissors. These scissors are about 4 inches long and made of strong German stainless steel. These hand-made scissors have rounded safety tips to prevent cutting delicate areas and hand-filed cutting edges that curve away from the skin. My husband has used these scissors to trim his nose hair, eyebrows, goatee and ear hair. The large fingers rings make it easy to for him to handle this scissors. Overall, this is a very sturdy, strong pair of scissors. Not flimsy at all. You can find out more about effenfine Facial Hair Scissors for Nose and Ear @


  1. I personally love this product… High quality, ultra-sharp, Japanese stainless steel scissors will last for many, many years to come. They have a lovely, innovative, unlike-any-other, lay-flat design. They're great for use by both left and right-handed people. Made by slice. Price is also very reasonable. Check this site

  2. Very well composed!!! A professional hair salon isn’t complete without a good pair of hair thinning scissors, to blend styles and add your own unique touch to customer’s hair. Hair thinning scissors differ from regular cutting scissors due to their unique blades which are teethed like a comb and their function is somewhat alike. Please check this site and Keep on sharing!!!