Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Aleratec TunePhonik iXR5 In-ear Headphones #TunePhonikiXR5 #Review

I received Aleratec TunePhonik iXR5  In-ear Headphones in return for my unbiased review. This is very nice set of in-ear headphones. They come with a nice storage case. It's compact enough to take anywhere- I can put the case in my purse, travel bags, etc. to take with me when we're on the go. They also come with 3 extra ear gels. Included are small, medium and large gels which is perfect if my husband or kids want to use the headphones. There is a gold-plated 3.5mm jack. It fits perfectly in my android phone, my husband's iPhone 5 and even in my laptop or my kids' tablets. The headphones are noise-isolating which is perfect when traveling with the kids. I can sit in the passenger side and drown out the noise with this set of headphones. They are constructed with aluminum housing and the sound is clear and crisp. There's also an in-line microphone for calls. The caller can actually hear me speak without asking me to repeat myself several times and I can hear the caller clearly. Overall, this is a very nice set of affordable in-ear headphones. Very nice quality. You can find out more about Aleratec TunePhonik iXR5  In-ear Headphones @

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