Friday, August 7, 2015

Galactic Lighting Micro LED Lantern #Review #GalacticLighting

I received Galactic Lighting micro LED Lantern in return for my unbiased review. This is a sturdy, compact and bright lantern. It's 6" tall and runs off of 3 AA batteries, which are easily replaced. It's made of a very sturdy plastic. There are 4 ultra bright LED lights. The lights emit a full 360 degrees and has 100,000 hours of LED lifetime. It's a lightweight and compact lantern which makes it easy to carry around. There;s a single dial switch that can be turned to control the brightness. My boys love this lantern!! They use it as a nightlight. It emits just enough light for them to see and my 9 year old can sit it at his bedside and turn it off. These are also handy lanterns to have around the house. I live in the Deep South and having flashlights and lanterns on hand for emergencies- especially during tornado or hurricane seasons- is a must. These lanterns are compact and can be stored with my emergency kit. This lamp is perfect for my husband to have on hand when he goes fishing. He can put it in his tackle box and it fits perfectly. It's not bulky and is the right size for the extra light that he may need. Overall, this is a very nice, compact and easy to use lantern. So many uses and great for any household. You can find out more about Galactic Lighting Micro LED Lantern @

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