Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Allura Eye Growth Serum #allura #Review

Allura Eye Growth Serum contains quality ingredients including biotin, hyaluronic serum, Vitamin E and pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol). These ingredients help to strengthen and grow longer, thicker lashes. I have thin, curly lashes. I normally just use mascara to give my lashes a fuller appearance and I don't wear false lashes. This serum is easy to apply. I use it once a day and have seen improvement since I began. I start in the corner of my upper inner eyelashes and move outward (much like applying eyeliner). Although it's thicker than other serums, it's easy to apply evenly. It's non-irritating and doesn't burn my eyes. My lashes look healthier. They seem to be lengthening as well as looking more fuller. I can really tell the difference when I apply mascara. I'm impressed with the results so far. I received this serum in return for my honest review. You can find out more about Allura Eye Growth Serum @

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