Saturday, June 13, 2015

Earths Path Virgin Argan Oil #Review #arganoil

I received Earths Path Virgin Argan Oil in return for my honest review. Earths Path Virgin Argan Oil is 100% natural. It's pure and cold pressed. I use argan oil for my hair care needs. I have naturally curly locks and love to use argan to help tame my curls. I apply a few drops to my damp hair daily. This oil is very lightweight. It doesn't weigh my hair down and does a really good job at taming my frizz. It non-greasy and absorbs into my hair quickly. I really like my hair is left looking healthy and shiny. This oil is also fragrance-free and doesn't leave a scent in my hair. There are many other uses for argan oil. I like to use the oil for my cuticle care as well. I apply a thin layer to my cuticles and it really helps to soften them up. Overall, this is a quality oil at a very affordable price. You can find out more Earths Path Virgin Argan Oil @

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