Saturday, June 6, 2015

Planted Perfect Bypass Pruning Shears #Review #gardening

I received Planted Perfect Bypass Pruning Shears inn return for my unbiased review. This is a heavy duty pair of pruning shears. The ergonomic design makes holding the shears very comfortable. They are easy to grip and don't cause calluses or blisters. My mother-in-law loves to use these pruning shears in her garden. She can stay out there for hours on end. She loves to garden and these are perfect for her. The blade is nice and sharp. They cut easily through branches and bushes up to 1/3" in diameter. She likes to use these to tend to her vegetable garden. They are not very heavy and they have a safety clip for when they are not in use. Her husband even uses these shears to trim branches and small bushes around the house. These are a very nice, durable pair of pruning shears. You can find out more about Planted Perfect Bypass Pruning Shears @\.

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